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Something for headache?

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2024 @ 10:34am by Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Breeze

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Mission: The Search
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: After "In Need of Assistance"


Breeze had to admit she cold usually handle more intense situations, however, with a new command to be of service to; the nature of the mission and just the tensions of where they are going did bring 'louder voices' that normal. Being a strong Telepath/ Empathic type Breeze was constantly hearing open thoughts from those around her; like being at a party and needing to focus on individuals or voices that were focused in her direction.

Being a powerful Empath; her Alpha Waves recorded highest levels even among the Betazoids as that is really the only scale to measure , and her latent Heritage gifts she does not display, the pressure on her Control was strained. She had trouble calming her mind; not even her constant state of meditative practice had not been giving the best results.

Thus Making a trip to her most unlikable place next to science, the Sick Bay, too many 'Poking and Prodding' as a child when first discovered left Breeze hesitant to frequent there. When the Medical could not explain or place her physical attribute to a race the Social Science people came in with their own mess of testing. Though years ago, Breeze still had reservations unless extreme conditions to venture into the Sick Bay.

However, her growing head ache warranted a visit, she entered and sought out the Chief; if her condition and possibly Secrets are discovered best the Chief be the one to keep 'Patient Confidentiality' decrees at work.

[Doctor Giehl...} Her right hand at her side signed the alphabet to spark the Translation of her thoughts into word through the human style voice of her translator, the illusion of a slower more calming style of speech. [Might I ask some aid; I am New to the ship as I work in Ten Forward n had not have a chance to be here as yet.] Offering her left hand as a handshake. [I am Known as Breeze.]

"It is nice to meet you, Breeze," Felicie stated as she handed over her left hand to meet the handshake that the woman had offered, hoping that she met the culture uniqueness correctly. While she had read that they had some unique civilians aboard, she didn't go out of her way to make them have a physical as that was only a requirement for the actual crew. She had hoped that Breeze would have made her way to her medbay. "How can I help you today?" she asked. While she had many unique encounters over the years, she knew that when meeting someone of a new species to not get over enthusiastic and passionate about getting to learn about them and their species. Xenophobia was a real thing and she had hoped that she wouldn't cause any undo stress for the young woman.

[Over stimulation in my empathy. ] Her right hand spelling the text the voice spoke. [I was hoping for a headache relief. The tensions of the crew are...loud and my usual method are inadequate.] She smiled. [A pitfall of being a powerful empath even among Betazoids.]

The holding back of the doctor was obvious, the consideration for being that way touched Breeze, usually she is peppered with questions about her unique body having no Vocal cords and strong telepathy.

"I can definitely give you an inhibitor that should take the volume down a notch or two, I can also give you an analgesic to help with the residual pain. I would like to give you a base exam to make sure that what we normally offer in situations like this will not have a reverse effect on your species," Felicie said warmly. While she didn't want to probe, she was concerned that what she gave the other telepaths on board during situations like this could act in the reverse manner and make this current situation much worse. "I know we have limited information on your species, and I do not like to pry. Another option would to start with a very low dose to see your tolerance and metabolization."

[Your lack of data is that I come from a race not in the database.] She signed and the voice spoke. [There are base lines in my file from...] Breeze hesitated for a second. [Strainous attempts by both Medical and Social Sciene testing and two Betazoids that... quit trying to identify me.]

Breeze smiled a forced grin.

[No more than a biobed and tricorder scan?] She asked.

"No more than those and no deeper than what is needed to develop a couple of scenarios for the computer to extrapolate a potential response without having to actual dose you and hope for the best," the doctor smiled warmly. "We can address any issues after that time. Shouldn't take me more than a couple of minutes for basic results. For further detailed scenarios, with your permission, I can come up with a general course of treatment for you. While it would be easier with a sample of your blood, i can do with scans for now. Another suggestion in a pinch, we can always see if I can get one of the Betazoids on board to project a dampening field for you to help with the dis and din."

[Mostly it is the added noise from nerves, the search and potential for action that is a bit loud.] Breeze moved to the nearest biobed. [I am very healthy, be warned. It is a trait of my Race I suppose?]

"Healthy is good," Felicie commented as she led her to a biobed. "I'll go at the lowest frequency on the scans. It'll be a bit longer than what you may have experienced in the past, but I want to make sure that we don't overwhelm everything else that is going on." One thing that she had noticed even with the humanoid races was that if they already had a headache or were overwhelmed, that noises could make things worse. On top of that, since she was a strong telepath, there was a chance that she would pick up on the scan frequencies, and that could have made things worse too.

[Thank you Doctor] Breeze signed just before laying back to be more comfortable. [I have not had the best experiences with Doctors; they seem always determined to identify my race rather than just letting me be ... unique.] She grinned. [You are kind of heart, I sense that much.]

Felicie nodded and began the low frequency scan. It was going to take longer and wouldn't go as deep as what the normal scans do, but she didn't want the woman to get more injured than she already was. "That is very kind of you. While I am very curious by nature and would like to get to know you and more about what makes you you, I wouldn't violate your trust like some of my overzealous compatriots," she commented. "I'd rather build the trust first so that we can figure it out together, as a team. Let me know if it becomes uncomfortable. It shouldn't take too much longer."

[My people seem to be powerful telepathic people.] Her right hand making he words for the translator. [Aside for the obvious lack of speech capability, I have technology to compensate.] Breeze nodded slightly. [I was found a drift on what is called a Raider... or pirates of sorts. The crew were killed by rivals and being little I hid and was found later so no way to know 'where' I was born. I have flash images of a planet but no more than that. I was young when Mother and I kidnapped into service.]

"I'm sorry to hear that. Not knowing where you come from or who you are can definitely be nerve wracking. I can poke around if you like," the doctor commented. "Everything that I'm doing here will be kept locally so that your privacy is maintained. It's almost finished with the scan."

[Minarain Star System, who the Sun went Supernova were person close to my physical attributes, but their planet was list when sun exploded.] Breeze relayed. [I have yet to display the attributes noted for that race, so not a match.]

Felicie nodded. "I can see what I can find out with that and with your scan and discreetly look into it. It shows that what I was going to prescribe for you should work with minimal side effects," the doctor commented. "Let me get the hypospray programmed." She programmed the hypospray and poised it for injection to Breeze. "Ready when you are."

[The sooner the better please.] Breeze was braced for the slight pinch of a hypo. [I believe once things calm a bit the noise will dwindle.]

A quick press to the button on the hypospray, the medicine entered Breeze's blood stream. "Yes, that and getting used to the new environment will help with learning to build certain walls." While Felicie was not one to be a telepath, she had worked with them over the years and knew some tricks to help them with walls when they fell. "it should kick in pretty quick. How are you starting to feel now?" she asked.

The volume of the echo was more manageable as the moments passed, her headache was also dwindling.

[Better...] Breeze relayed.[Not as loud and the ache is down to a low throb.]

"Good. It should last for up to twelve hours. I want to see how you're doing on this dose first before we have to adjust it. It should last approximately twelve hours. Call or return to Sickbay if you feel any unease, or the pain becomes manageable or you become lethargic. I want to make sure you don't have an adverse reaction to the medicine," the doctor stated.

[It is feeling better, I will be sure to check in by the time for next dose.]

"I'm glad to hear that. If it's good at that time, then we can look at getting you some that you can take on your own so that you don't have to report to Sickbay all the time. We can work a path forward as things work. Hopefully, this will be enough to take the edge off allowing you to build some walls prior to needing another dose. A good night sleep will definitely help too with the headache," Felicie smiled. "Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

[You are most kind Doctor.] Breeze slowly rose to sit on the biobed and drape her legs over the edge. [I think sleep will do wonders..]

Slipping gingerly off the bed, she smiled to the Doctor.

[Thank you for your help.] She bow politely. [I will take my leave then.]

"You're most welcome, Breeze. Get some rest and I'll follow up with you tomorrow."

[May the fates look upon you kindly.] Breeze signed for the translator. [I shall see you on the Morrow.]

With that Breeze took her leave.

"As you," Felicie commented right before Breeze left. While her curiosity was still pegged, Felicie would do what she could to provide a slight buffer between those that demand to know and those that didn't need to know.


Lt. Felicie Giehl
Chief Medical Officer


Civilian Specialist


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