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Bringing a welcome.

Posted on Sun Mar 24th, 2024 @ 3:57am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Breeze

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Mission: The Search
Location: Captain Ready Room
Timeline: While on the hunt

Breeze had been welcomed aboard with her meager belongings set in her quarters as she liked and her official Comm Badge and clearances relayed to the Ship she could move about. She being a civilian it is not required she report to the Captain, it was the better part of a week; Breeze worked Ten Forward to earn her keep. Getting to know the ambient flow of the crew, each day in the Lounge she acted as Barkeep seeing to the desires of the crew; like many 'Barkeeps' people just naturally began to talk with her. While being raised on Earth she heard a Bartender she studied under who was very talented at his trade and a wiser middle aged man with fine reputation.

"People will tell a Bartender things they will not tel others; especially counselors." Marcus explained. "We are neutral really and most times not a regular perwson so the fear we might 'spew out' the problems is minimal. Just a friendly Ear that listens and with the real stuff they tend to talk more." He laughed at that. "Just be a good egg and let them get it off their chests and once they know you are trust worthy, they will share good and bad with you over time."

Breeze took this to heart; she could not speaks as well as most obviously but her ears were in perfect order with a woman knowing to use them and a natural tendency to 'Keep her mouth shut.'

A week passed quickly and Breeze felt it is time; after her delivering Hot Chocolate to the Captain on the bridge once.

Going to Ten Forward Breeze prepared an Earl Grey tea manually for the best flavor and made it quite hot; knowing the rate of cooling would put the tea in the more 'perfect' range by the time Breeze arrive on the Bridge. It is not a stretch to take some tea to the Captain, she needed the 'real warming and other beneficial traits of a cup of tea. Tea on a tray with a porcelain Tea Cup on a matching saucer adorned with Command colors and gold on the rim and base, it was appropriate for a command officer.

The small tea pot , cream and sugar made a nice setting as she carried it skillfully with proper tray resting on her left fingertips as a practiced server would do. Going to the bridge and down to the Ready Room to ring the chime.

"Enter," Misaka's voice called from the other side of the door.

Breeze entered the Ready Room with the small tray like a waitress holding it aloft until she reached the desk then sat it near the Captain.

"Civilian Breeze at your service." Her right hand moving out of sight in a flurry of letters making the words the translator spoke for Breeze. "I felt some tea might help you with your tasks today so I took the liberty to bring you some Captain." She smiled brightly. "Just a service offered from Ten Forward if you would like?"

"You know, I was just thinking of having some tea," Misaka replied. "Will you join me?"

[It would be a pleasure.] Breeze began her full signing for the translator. [I know Captain's prerogative is to starve themselves under the guise of Command Duties, but I am always happy to run up something so you do not have to break away from those duties.]

She smooth the back of her flowing skirt before sitting properly as a lady should.

"So then, Miss Breeze. What beings you aboard this ship?" She asked simply.

[ The lounge, Ten Forward, stood out to me.] Breeze signed for the translator to speak for her. [A ship with families welcomed also appeals to me. My parents. Adoptive, suggested I take this opportunity to grow. They are considered wise consort, their diplomatic career is a successful one. I like this ship so far.]

"So..." Misaka said before taking a sip of tea. "You like the idea of being on a Galaxy Class huh... Its not easy to get aboard these ships, even harder as a civilian. You must have had one hell of a resume."

[I am friendly and catered some events for the Federation. My parents were the ones who recommended the Galaxy class, said the admiral they are working with thought highly of the class.] Her singing allowing a normal pace of conversation.

[I would like to think I had qualities that were made for this job and am the best candidate, I do not like using names or favors , do things because Fate allows me.]

"Which Admiral?" Misaka asked curiously.

[Must I?] Breeze asked. [I do not like favoritism or irritation by a name of a Flag Officer.] She continued. [Please tell no one and let me gain an opinion aside from the persons I might know.] Letting out a breath. [Admiral Florence of the Eight Fleet, working from Fleet on the Fleet Flag Ship USS Carl Sagan. My parents are his Diplomatic Officers.]

Misaka pondered for a moment. "I'm not sure if I've ever met him." She stated. "But I don't tend to 'mix' with the higher-ups. I would rather be in the center chair." She told her before taking another sip of tea.

[You are suited to it, it is not totally comfortable , but I can see your image nowhere else.] Breezed signed [It is your place the Fate have shoe upon you.] She smiled. [And do not worry, though I can hear you well among the den of voices that is the crew. You do not think Loudly; I just listen to certain voices better than others; your gentle voice is easy to decipher.]

"Gentle voice..." Misaka said raising an eyebrow. "Just how good are your telepathic abilities?"

[Above the average curve.] Breeze signed with her voice giving the reply. [Betazoid scale of Alpha Waves chart at least.] She took a sip of tea.[It is my native communication language."

"I see..." Misaka said as she pondered for a moment. "Apart from running Ten Forward, have you had any additional training? Maybe in a diplomatic capacity?"

[I have been of use to Diplomatic Corps, and officially have certs to support a Civilian Diplomat, as well as level one medical technician for field Triage. My mother was a healer. ] Breeze signed. [I do not like to bring undue attention to myself. I help where I am able, even been used as untrue statement verification.]

"Would it be too much to ask of you'll be willing yo help us when it comes to Diplomatic Missions?' Misaka asked simply.

[It would be no problem...]Breeze grew a mischief in her smile. [So long as I can find someone to cover me in Ten Forward of course.]

There are time Breeze deeply wished she could laugh like other rather than her silentness.
"I'm sure we can easily find someone to be able to look after Ten Forward if we need you..." Misaka replied.

[Then I would be more than happy to help if needed.] Breeze winked. [Officially I have the required training to be a Civilian Diplomat; I just never joined the Federation Diplomatic Corps.] Her hands moving quickly to explain. [There are Non-Federation based Diplomats of other races famous for threi skills that are not in the Diplomatic Corps but can be asked to aid.]

Breeze thought of her next words.

[I am just a Federation Citizen so thus my being Special. But please just leave me as my duties in Ten Forward and not on the Diplomatic Roster as Officially I am not a member and being in the ... Lime Light is ] she paused to think. [Uncomfortable as more concentrated thought directed at me are 'Louder' than I really like.]

Misaka pondered for a moment. "Your telepathic abilities make you useful in such a capacity however." She told her as she took another sip of the tea. "How about this, if we have a diplomatic or first contact event. We're going to need a caterer..." she said with a wink. "If you catch what I mean..."

[That is closer to my style Captain.] Breeze took a sip of tea. [I am much better in the background service.]

"Good." Misaka replied. "I may have to rely on you more, especially with tensions rising between the Federation and the Cardassians."

[They are cold.] Breeze shuttered for a second. [Not just their biology, they are hunters and females are to be served up to them. I need to deep clean my mind after they touch it.] She wished she could chuckle.

Misaka blinked for a few seconds in surprise at how she described the Cardassians. "Not how I would have put it... But I guess everyone has their opinion on them." She stated. "Well, we are assigned along the Federation/Cardassian border. We're more likely to run into them than not."

[I will have to meditate more then.] She could sigh with some effort. [I will get some Snake Oil to be exchanged.]

Misaka couldn't help but smirk. "You never know, they might like it. I mean they do like those slimy egg things..."

[Like Lavender Body lotion in Oomox.] Breeze smiled.

"Ok..." Misaka said as she raised an eyebrow. "Anyways, we're getting off topic. Will I be able to rely on you and your abilities in the future? I'm still getting used to sitting in the center chair. So I'm going to need all the help I can get until I get a better 'feel' for it."

[I will keep the Tea and Crumpets coming to support you when needed.] Breeze grinned brightly. [My pleasure to be of service where I can Captain.] She winked. [The chair takes time to mold to the New occupant.]

She started to rise and smooth her skirt.

[It was a wonderful chat and will be around when you need me.] She signed with her hand rather than full gestures.

"Easy on the crumpets..." Misaka said. "I do have a figure to maintain."

[If you think of something else will gladly comply.] Winking as she turned. [I will find sweet but figure manageable Captain.]

Misaka just sat there and stared at the woman. "Well... ok..." she said not quite sure how to answer to that. However she couldn't help but find Breeze an interesting individual.

[May Fates smile upon you fondly Captain.] Breeze blessed.

"Erm sure..." Misaka replied as she watched Breeze leave the ready room.

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