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"I am in need of some assistance."

Posted on Sun Mar 3rd, 2024 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant Commander Sonak & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl

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Mission: The Search
Location: Sickbay

Once the probes had been deployed, Sonak elected to address the further fallout from the attack. Firstly, he'd dealt with scheduling the repairs to the sensors with Engineering. Second, he reviewed the clean up efforts to the labs damaged in the attacks. Now that he had dealt with those essential tasks, he moved on to addressing a number of secondary concerns. With this in mind, the Vulcan made his way to sickbay. It appeared that he had received an injury during the attack. As this injury had initially made no impact on his capability to perform his duties, he had determined that it was a low priority to resolve.

Walking through the door to sickbay, Sonak spotted Doctor Giehl. "Doctor," the Science Officer began, "I am in need of some assistance."

"That bio-bed is free. I'll be just a moment," Felicie said as she finished wrapping up who she was working on and went over to assist the Vulcan who had requested assistance. It had only been about two minutes or so. "What can I do for you, Commander?"

"I appear to have sustained an injury during the attack," Sonak replied, now gesturing to his left forearm, that clearly appeared to be broken.

A snort escaped Felicie's lips before she could school herself. "Appears is an understatement, Lieutenant. Any discomfort?" she asked, scanning his arm with her tricorder.

"Considerable," Sonak began, "however, due to the nature of the developing situation, I have persevered through the discomfort."

"Being a Vulcan doesn't make you immune to permanent damage, which thankfully we are in the right century to mostly fix that," Felicie commented. She returned the sensor probe to the tricorder, and then grabbed the osteo-regenerator, and then the dermal regenerator to work around it. "First a bit of pain medication to help assist with your 'considerable discomfort'. Next time, come see us first before you continue persevering through it. We had ample medics available around the ship that could have splinted it until you were able to come to Sickbay proper."

"Thank you for your assistance Doctor," Sonak offered, as the Chief Medical Officer carried out treatment. "In a combat situation, a starship's senior staff must focus on the priority tasks to ensure that the ship is in peak efficiency to deal with the incident at hand. I could not neglect those duties with the ship in a state of disrepair."

"You could have delegated it to get a splint at least," she commented. "We have aid stations all over the ship that you would have been more effective at performing those repairs had you not been favoring a broken arm. I understand it, I do. I did have a nurse pull a piece of tape over the cut on my forehead to staunch the blood flow so that I could work. Sometimes, your rate of efficiency being lower over the course of time means that you were less efficient overall had you taken the time to get treated, or at least patched." She felt for him. The sense of duty was always strong with Vulcans. "I know facts do better than emotional responses. Just think about it for the next time. You don't want to have someone who doesn't have your constitution to think that they have to delay medical treatment." A warm smile crossed her face as she finished up the treatment. "Test it out, see how it's feeling."

He briefly moved his arm, as normal function seemed to have returned. "Perhaps you are correct, Doctor," Sonak replied. "On reflection, your assessment may be correct as well. I will need to consider the example that I set for the junior officers in the future."

With a mischievous twinkle of acknowledgement in her eye, she quickly dispositioned the PADD next to her with the treatment information as it went straight into his medical file. "Good. Now that we addressed the broken bone, you got any other medical concerns?"

"I do not," Sonak replied, before adding, "however, I am approaching my mid-nineties, so perhaps this would be an opportunity to evaluate my physical condition."

"Vulcans are at their prime at that age, Lieutenant. I wouldn't say that you have to make any changes. I knew a handful of Vulcans nearing their three hundreds on Trill growing up. Plenty of time ahead of you. Though, if you want to have a family, I'd recommend doing it within the next hundred years. It's easier to keep up with the non-scientific pursuit activities the kids will be in that way."

"I do already have a family, Doctor," Sonak replied. "Next year, my wife and I will have been married for fifty years." It seemed odd to Sonak that the Doctor did not know this. His familial unit should have been included in his personnel file. "We have four children together, and my eldest son recently learned that he too has a child on the way."

Smiling, Felicie responded, "congratulations are in order, I see. Is this your first grandchild?" she asked.

"Indeed, Doctor," Sonak replied. "It is our hope that we will be able to meet our grandchild together in the early days following their birth." He specifically said their, as Supan and his betrothed had elected to not ascertain the gender of their child at this stage. Or, perhaps Supan had elected not to share this with Sonak and T'Pen. "T'Pen has more flexibility in her schedule to accommodate visits."

"I am glad to hear that she at least has the flexibility. Hopefully this adventure to the Badlands doesn't take too long so you may be there to celebrate your grandchild's arrival." She finished one last scan and was pleased with how things were maintaining. "Everything looks satisfactory here. Is there anything else I can assist you with today?" she asked.

"No, thank you Doctor," Sonak replied, "I believe that we're done here."

"For now, 'Commander," the Doctor stated with a smile.


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