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Lieutenant Commander Sonak

Name Sonak

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 93
Date of Birth 2278
Place of Birth Gol, Vulcan
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 192lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown


Partner Administrator T'Pen, Sub-Director Vulcan Science Academy
Relationship Status Married
Children Son: Supan (Born 2323), Adjutant to Vulcan Ambassador; Son: Tumek (Born 2331) Administrative Assistant to Vulcan's Federation Councillor; Daughter: Lieutenant Junior Grade T'Neh (Born 2342), Assistant Chief Science Officer USS Florida; Son: Cadet Freshman Grade Sturok (Born 2353), Student of Engineering Starfleet Academy;
Father Rear Admiral Soton (DEC. 2349)
Mother Councillor T'Rul, Federation Council Member (DEC. 2319)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sonak does show his emotions, but only largely as they relates to his children. He's extremely proud of his children, and their achievements.
Hobbies & Interests Meditation, Kal'To, Vulcan Literature

Personal History Sonak was born on Vulcan on the Earth Calendar date of August 4th, 2278. Sonak's father was a Starfleet Officer, and his mother a Representative on the Vulcan Council. At the time of his birth, she had just been elected for her second term in office. Growing up, he found that he developed an interest in following in the footsteps of one of his parents, although at a young age he hadn’t declared which. It was in his late teenage years, in 2294, after being accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy, that he began to make his decision.

After graduating with a degree in Astrophysics, Sonak applied to Starfleet Academy, and was accepted. He was able to test out of the majority of early year modules, completing the first two years of study within the first academic year, and advancing to Junior Grade Cadet a year early.

After completing a midshipman cruise stationed aboard Deep Space Two, he found himself assigned to the Starbase, spending five years in the Science department, serving in various sub-departments on the science staff. When passing through on an expedition, the USS Enterprise-B stopped off at the station for resupply and were seeking to recruit and expand its Science Officer staff. Sonak took the opportunity to take the assignment, spending two years aboard the USS Enterprise-B under the Command of Captain John Harriman.

After leaving the Enterprise, Sonak served aboard the USS Hathaway, and later the USS Montana over the next four years. During his service aboard the USS Montana, Sonak began to recognise that there was more that he could do in service to Starfleet. After discussions with his superiors, including the Montana’s Captain – John Moore, he elected to return to Starfleet Academy, to study in a different field, choosing to take Engineering extension courses.

After eighteen months at the Academy, Sonak returned to the Starship Montana, serving in the Engineering department for five years, including receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade in 2314.

In 2318, at the age of 40, Sonak decided that he would resign his commission, and return to Vulcan to attempt to complete the Kolinahr. He spent eleven months deep in mediation and study, however, his studies were interrupted by the unexpected death of his mother, which he wished to address before continuing. The Masters saw this as an emotionally based decision and refused to allow him to continue the Kolinahr from the position that he had reached. He decided to reattempt to achieve Kolinahr, but within a few months, Pon Farr took hold, and he found himself compelled to mate.

Sonak had been betrothed to T’Pen in his youth, and the two came together, to formally begin their relationship. The two married in 2322 and decided to build a life for themselves. The following year, the two welcomed into their home their first child, Supan. T’Pen was a lecturer at the Vulcan Science Academy, and when a vacancy opened up for a lecturer to join the faculty, Sonak decided to take it, lecturing at the Academy for twenty-five years. During this time, Sonak and T’Pen had another two children, a son, Tumek, and and a daughter, T’Neh.

In 2349, Sonak’s father - Soton, now a Starfleet Rear Admiral, was found dead, under suspicious circumstances. While an investigation was carried out, there was no conclusive results. Sonak elected to return to Starfleet, in part to pay tribute to his father’s service. He returned to Starfleet, and underwent reactivation training, returning to his previous rank as Lieutenant Junior Grade, as well as returning as a Science Officer.

Sonak served aboard the USS Nelson for five years, during which time he had returned to Vulcan, to guest speak at the Vulcan Science Academy. The following year, T’Pen gave birth to a fourth child, Sturok. Sonak again considered returning to Vulcan, to assist in the raising of his children, however T’Pen assured him that she could handle it, and service to Starfleet was important, particularly considering that there was an impending rise in hostilities with the recently encountered Cardassian’s. He also received a promotion to full Lieutenant during this time.

Sonak served aboard Starbase 117 following this, eventually becoming the stations Assistant Chief Science Officer, before leaving to take a Chief Science Officer role aboard the USS Pearl Harbour in 2360. Within a year, he’d been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, and assigned to the USS Canada, a post that he held for three years.

In 2364, shortly after T’Neh – Sonak’s daughter – graduated from Starfleet Academy, Sonak elected to return to teaching, this time at Starfleet Academy. He led classes in astrophysics, and also participated in starship duty training, specifically aboard the Academy training vessel, USS Republic. Given the Republic’s age, and his experience with vessels of a similar age – given that he had served on some himself, Sonak often found himself also demonstrating Engineering problems to the Engineering cadets, and assisting them in workshopping solutions. He found the work extremely gratifying, and he took great satisfaction in imparting his knowledge and experience upon Starfleet’s newest Cadets.

In 2371, Sonak’s youngest Son, applied and was accepted into Starfleet Academy. To avoid any perception that he would ‘play favourites’ – as the human expression went – Sonak decided to return to active starship duty. Given his experience, he was offered a posting as Chief Science Officer, aboard the Galaxy-class USS Ermiana.
Service Record 2294-2297 Vulcan Science Academy, Civilian Student - Majored in Astrophysics, with Minors in Planetary Sciences and Anthropological Studies
2297-2297 Starfleet Academy, Cadet Freshman Grade, Student
2297-2298 Starfleet Academy, Cadet Sophomore Grade, Student
2298-2299 Starfleet Academy, Cadet Junior Grade, Student
2299-2300 Starfleet Academy, Cadet Senior Grade, Student
2300-2300 Deep Space Two, Cadet Senior Grade, Midshipman Cruise - Astrophysics Department
2300-2302 Deep Space Two, Ensign, Science Officer Astrophysics Department
2302-2303 Deep Space Two, Ensign, Science Officer Planetary Sciences Department
2303-2305 Deep Space Two, Ensign, Science Officer Astrophysics Department
2305-2307 USS Enterprise-B, Ensign, Science Officer
2307-2309 USS Hathaway, Ensign, Science Officer
2309-2311 USS Montana, Ensign, Science Officer
2311-2313 Starfleet Academy, Ensign, Student Starfleet Engineering Extension Course
2313-2314 USS Montana, Ensign, Engineer
2314-2318 USS Montana, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Engineer
2318 Resigned Commission, Returned to Vulcan
2324-2349 Vulcan Science Academy, Lecturer
2349-2351 Starfleet Academy, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Student - Reactivation Training
2351-2354 USS Nelson, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Science Officer
2354-2356 USS Nelson, Lieutenant, Science Officer
2356-2358 Starbase 117, Lieutenant, Science Officer
2358-2360 Starbase 117, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief Science Officer
2360-2361 USS Pearl Harbour, Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer
2361-2364 USS Canada, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Science Officer
2364-2371 Starfleet Academy, Lieutenant Commander, Lecturer - Astrophysics
2371-PRES USS Ermiana, Lieutenant Commander, Chief Science Officer