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Lieutenant JG Feeva Drylo

Name Feeva Drylo

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vissian
Age 32
Place of Birth Vissia
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10"
Weight 102 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Feeva, or Fee, is a small, short woman of Vissian descent. She has a series of ridges on the right side of her face that look like a crescent moon. She is otherwise humanoid in appearance. Besides her ridges, she has some small wounds and scars from past combat situations.


Partner Eoin Drylo-Deceased
Relationship Status Single
Children Leena Drylo, age 4 (female)
Father Dufach Nic Muririch
Mother MuirĂ­n Nic Mhuirich-missing, presumed dead
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Pameina and Rogea Drylo, inlaws (human)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Feeva is a very quiet, reserved person. She takes a while to warm up to people. HOWEVER, once she is used to you, she will become your closest friend/ally. She is painfully shy, as well, and very regimented. This might seem strange for some but she thinks that these traits make her more empathetic and able to relate better.
Her husband, another Vissian male, was killed in an Engineering accident on the USS Argo one and a half years ago, along with his Chief. She's just beginning to start living her life again.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

-Takes a while to interact with people
-Rigid, unable to be flexible.
-carries too much guilt about her husband's death
-worries that she's an inadequate mother
Ambitions She thinks it'd be cool to have an EMH in her likeness someday
Hobbies & Interests -Reading
-Arts and Crafts with her daughter
-being in nature

Personal History Born on Vissia, Fee had a bit of a rough start. She was born to a very poor family. Her father was a teacher at the Vissian Science Academy, and her mother didn't work, due to mental and physical illnesses. She was born early, and one of her lungs is underdeveloped. Eventually, her mother disappeared, believed to have joined a religious cult and left the Planet.

From very young, Fee showed an advanced development and IQ, and a high scholastic aptitude. By the time she was in school, she was already taking classes for teens at kindergarten, and by the time she was 9, she was attending the State University of Vissia. Even though they were poor, Eonix did his best to provide his daughter with the materials he could find to help her succeed, taking on extra work fixing vehicles and taking care of other people's livestock for Fee's extracurricular activities. We find out later in her history that her mother was a former congenitor, and this may have been the reason she left the family.

In school, Fee majored in Psychology and Medicine as her topics of study. At age 15, she helped her government to build the Vissian National Science and Health Lab, by working with a team of military, government, and civilian employees to chart the building, and staff it appropriately, tapping into the Federation's own Astrometric, Scientific, Medical, Psychological, and Engineering materials through the various encyclopedias and holographic learning programs she could get ahold of. She also cofounded the Federation's AYLA-Advanced Youth's Learning Association, a Federation-wide program for the brightest young minds to correspond and learn from each other, and also for networking purposes.

At age 18, Fee left Vissia to serve the Federation. She did enroll in the Starfleet academy at the encouragement of her friend Reeza, another Vissian from home, and went through the Medical Corps as a cadet-the first and only Vissian in the Fleet.

At age 21, she met her late husband, Eoin, a human Male engineer. Due to Vision's need to have cogenitors to assist in the sex act, the birth of their daughter would take several years of planning. They were married for 7 years before they found a doctor willing to assist in a new clinical trial of a synthetic enzyme therapy to allow Vissians, and other races that would be incompatible with others, to procreate. It was successful, and she had her daughter at age 28.

Eion's death was caused by an "unspecified and classified" accident-as per his file. All she was told was that a pipe exploded and he was immediately beneath it when it did.

She comes to the Columbia with her daughter, and the child's pet dog, Jacques, a French bulldog.

Fee's main goal in life is to be invisible. She is very regimented in her day-to-day life, preferring routines and regularity to spontaneity. She suffers from OCD like behaviors, though she has never been officially diagnosed with anything. As she is/was a child prodigy, she also prefers to work under the pressures of deadlines OR the pressure of disappointing people counting on her.

She has bright red hair that she wears long, normally in a braid or two braids, sometimes in a ponytail. Rarely is it left to flow, except while she's sleeping or is out on a date or something where she wants to look nice. Her dress can be described as "ugly." She often wears t-shirts with cartoon animals on them or some slogan she likes, along with flannel shirts or zip-up jackets, "Grandpa" cardigans, and jeans with holes or khakis she's had since she was a teenager.
Service Record 2371-75: Starfleet Academy

2375-79: USS Pasteur Science Vessel, Jr. medical officer

2379-83: USS Issedon, Assistant Chief of Surgery.

2383-87: Triacus Research Facility, Asst. Chief Medical Officer.

2387-91: DS21, Chief Medical Officer